spaggel:  stoicdaydreamer:  exquisitebalderdash:  This is our generation. Y’all better take your asses to vote. We will not have a psycho leading our nation.  YALL BETTA VOTE!!!!!!  Seriously. We were raised to believe, and are still told, that Baby Boomers are the Majority. That when we vote, it does’t count because there are just so many of them.  This isn’t the case, not anymore.  Millennials out number Baby Boomers by over 7 MILLION. We are 25% of the population. That’s HUGE. Our votes count, our votes are the votes that can create change. The vast majority of millennials are coming into voting age. So please, please vote. Know your votes count. You’re part of the biggest, most diverse age in the history of the U.S. and right behind you is an even more diverse population. Please vote and lets change history.